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Featured Packages

  Essential $45.95
  Enhanced $64.95
  Expanded $74.95
  Tenant Basic $19.95
  Tenant Plus $23.95
  Tenant Premium $34.95

Custom State Packages

  Georgia Statewide (GCIC) Search $14.75

My Searches

  Oregon State Police Search $18.00

Volunteer / Non-Profit

  SafeChoice Level I $13.95
  SafeChoice Level II $27.95

Drug Screening Services

  Drug Screening (5 panel lab-based urine test) $40.00
  Drug Screening (10 panel lab-based urine test) $42.00
  Instant Onsite Urine Testing - 10 panel (25 kits) $475.00
  Instant Onsite Urine Testing - 6 panel (25 kits) $350.00

Add-On / Individual Services

  National Quick Check $19.95
  County Criminal Search $16.95
  SSN/Address Locator $3.95
  CBSV SSA ID Validation $8.00
  Credit Report - for Employment Purposes $13.95
  Motor Vehicle Report $12.95
  Government Watch List ('OFAC' terrorist search) $5.95
  Civil Litigation Search $18.95
  Federal District Court Search $15.95
  Social Media Search $65.00